Dr. Oz says that your health trajectory and expected lifespan improve in just 2 weeks of improved lifestyle. My 2 weeks begin tomorrow.

My new lifestyle will be the South Beach Diet. It begins with Phase I: 2 weeks of eating only vegetables (including small amounts of legumes), lean protein, lowfat dairy, and good oil. After that, in Phase II, fruit, grain, and red wine are slowly added back in.

I chose South Beach because of its positive approach. It’s not super low-carb or low-fat; it’s about eating the good carbs and the good fats. I like adding things to my life better than taking them away! I’ve done this diet in a half-assed way before, and even then I noticed a difference in the way I feel. This diet makes me feel good!

I’m already exercising, and have been working with a personal trainer for over 2 years, but I will increase this to 5-6 days a week.

I will stretch twice a day to avoid injury.

To make all this happen, I will follow the Beck Diet Solution, which is a 6-week program of cognitive-behavioral exercises that teach dieting skills. I have done parts of this program before, although I didn’t change my eating enough to lose weight at the time. I will be using techniques I learned from the book, such as keeping an eating diary, but for the purposes of this blog I won’t discuss them until I come to that day in the book.

I’ll be sharing my meal plans (Day 14 of BDS), workouts, strategies, and adventures. I’ve started a Flickr account to share pictures. Down the road, I want to join BlogHer and meet lots of like-minded friends. So if you’re blogging about the South Beach Diet or Beck Diet Solution, speak up! Let’s share links!

Today’s tasks are getting this blog and other online accounts in place, grocery shopping, and planning tomorrow’s meals and workout.