1-11-10…a nice number with lots of 1s in it. Appropriate, no?

Today’s workout: 25 mins on Elliptical Trainer (ET) Level 1. Taking it easy because I have a cold and nausea; 30 mins of various weights and abs with Personal Trainer (PT).

Today’s walk: None. I’m hiding out from the cold. Which reminds me I should add some of that fancy Japanese ceramic underwear to my shopping list. Not having the proper gear must not stop The Walking Woman from walking.

Today’s task: Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

The idea is to make a list of all the reasons that you want to lose weight. The ways that your life will change for the better, the things you’ll get that you don’t have now. The whole point of making the list is to read it frequently, reminding yourself why you’re doing this, so your mind will be clear and strong when the temptation to go off your diet comes along.

In Dr. Beck’s CBT approach, every action originates with a thought. Thinking about the wonderful things that will happen when the extra weight starts to come off greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll act in accordance with your diet and exercise plan.

And so, without further ado, here’s my advantages list. Dr. Beck recommends writing the list on index cards, but it can be anything portable. I use a pocket-sized loose-leaf organizer. It contains a calendar where I record my workouts and daily weigh-ins, and then behind the calendar are pages with my advantages list and other BDS materials.

• My blood pressure will go down

• I’ll be much less likely to have a heart attack or stroke

• I may be able to stop using CPAP.

• I won’t dread going to the doctor.

• I’ll avoid diabetes and other diseases that are caused by obesity.

• I’ll be able to wear nice clothes and swimsuits. (Hey, nobody said these had to be profound reasons!)

• I will be able to stand and walk for the long periods necessary to enjoy things like the U.S. Open, parades, and so on.

• I will end this “to eat or not to eat” bullcrap.

• I’ll have more money to spend on other things.

• I’ll have more time to do other things.

• I’ll be ready for any activity that comes along—dancing, snorkeling, skiing. In fact, I’ll be more ready for anything that life sends my way!

• I’ll look forward to beaches and vacations instead of dreading them.

• I’ll feel I fit in with my friends more.

• I’ll stop worrying and alienating my parents.

• I won’t have to avoid cameras!

• Exercise will be easier and more fun.

• I’ll have a great accomplishment that I’ll be proud of.

• My energy and focus will be better on the South Beach Diet.

• I’ll get to eat clean, elegant food, more beautiful that what most people are eating.

• My back and knees won’t hurt as much.

• I’ll be able to wear a great dress next New Year’s Eve.

• I won’t be too embarrassed to go to my next reunion.

Word to the wise: Don’t just slap together a list or copy the one from the book and then glance at it twice a day. This method will work much better if you come up with a list of things that mean a lot to you and then think about them as you read them.

Today’s To-Do List:

✓ I created my Advantages List.

✓ I wrote, recorded, or posted these advantages elsewhere (here!).

✓ I implemented a reminder system. (I like to read while I eat, so I’m going to read the list! I’ll also leave it open on my nightstand so I’ll read it first thing every morning and last thing every night.)