Today’s workout: 20 min ET, L2, 1.8mi. 40 mins wts & abs with PT. Due to normal hormonal fluctuations, some days are more difficult for exercise than others. Guess what kind today was. WW is not feelin’ the love.

Today’s walk: To and from an appointment about 5 min walk away.

Today’s task: Sit Down While Eating

Now we get down to changing specific eating behaviors. Since you’re going to be eating less than before, it’s important to learn how to make it satisfying. Instead of mindlessly popping food in your mouth while standing up, put it on a plate so you can see it all spread out and make it visually satisfying.

Sitting down isn’t a big challenge for me—I hate to eat standing up! People probably think I’m antisocial at parties because instead of standing up and mingling with my plate, I find a chair in a corner where I can sit and enjoy my food. Then I get up and mingle!

What I am guilty of is, when I’m alone, watching TV or reading blogs (or both) while eating. I feel I enjoy it more that way. But I’m going to try just eating while eating, and see if that makes a difference in how I feel about food and dieting.

I am really struggling with this step. All kinds of difficult emotions come up when I try to sit and eat alone without distraction. I talked them over with my therapist today (she has a copy of the book). We agree that I need to confront the emotions, deal with the negative thoughts, and release all of that energy so I can use it to move forward. I will keep a notebook nearby so I can write out the emotions and thoughts that come up. We agree that today’s step is incredibly important for me to conquer!

Sabotaging thought: “I don’t like to just sit there and eat. It’s uncomfortable. It’s lonely. I don’t like to hear myself chew. I don’t think doing this step will affect what I eat anyway.”

Response Card: “Sitting down and enjoying my food is part of this program. Dr. Beck says it’s important to do the entire program, not just parts of it if you want it to work. Maybe it’s important for me to learn to just sit and be with my food. I won’t know how it will affect me unless I try it.”

Today’s To-Do List:

✓ I read my Advantages List at least twice.

✓ I read other Response Cards as needed.

✓ I created a Response Card to encourage myself to sit while eating.

✓ I created a reminder system to remember to sit while eating.

✓ I sat down when I ate (choose one): Every time/Most of the time/Some of the time