Dr. Beck maintains a blog on www.beckdietsolution.com, and there’s a new entry today!

I wish she updated her blog more often. When the first book was released, she wrote on her blog more often and linked to BDS bloggers, even visiting and commenting on their blogs. As far as I can tell, most of those original blogs fell by the wayside after a few months, and so Dr. Beck took down the links. It would be so much fun if Dr. Beck got more involved with us bloggers again!

In today’s entry, Dr. Beck talks about one of my favorite (and sometimes hated!) concepts: The resistance muscle. Every time you resist something that’s not on your diet plan, your ability to resist gets stronger. It works exactly like exercising a muscle!

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: Every time you give into a craving or go off your plan, you strengthen your giving-in muscle.

I have a giving-in muscle of Arnold Schwartzenegger-like proportions. And sometimes I get so mad at Dr. Beck for being right about this! But she is right.

Fortunately, she also says it’s OK to have a treat once in a while, even every night, as long as you plan to have it, and then eat only the planned amount. By doing what you planned to do, you’re still strengthening your resistance muscle.