Today’s workout: None (Tuesday is traditionally my off day)

Today’s walk: None (This is not good. I need to get out there every day and not just type “None” every night!)

Today’s task: Select an Exercise Plan

Dr. Beck includes exercise in her program not to accelerate weight loss, but because it supports weight loss and a healthy psyche and body in general. Me, I exercised 2 years before starting to seriously diet, and the benefits are huge. Although I didn’t lose weight from exercise, I stopped gaining.  That’s impressive compared to the rampant rate at which I gained weight in 06 and 07.

I can do so much more now! I can walk for miles and stand on my feet for hours. I would never have been able to accompany my husband to a tennis tournament by standing up and hanging on during a wild 40-minute subway ride, walking and standing in the sun for 7 hours, and then go out for a night on the town if I had not been exercising.

Today I shoveled heavy snow off our entire driveway—without a snow blower! No matter what happens with my weight, I will exercise for the rest of my life. For me, everything just works better when I exercise. Once I started exercising, I was surprised to learn how many thin people make a point of exercising.

Dr. Beck defines 2 types of exercise—planned and spontaneous. She wants us doing both of them, every day, even though the planned exercise can be as little as a 5-minute walk.

I do 2 workouts with a personal trainer every week. My goal is to go to the gym 4 other days and take either Tuesday or Friday off. I like to use an elliptical trainer or arc trainer. I also like to swim.

Today’s To-Do List:

✓ I read my Advantages list at least twice

✓ I made and read other Response Cards as needed

✓ I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite: Some of the time

✓ I gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: Most of the time

✓ I did at least one spontaneous exercise today: Shoveled snow (again!)

✓ I investigated the possibilities of a planned exercise program

✓ I scheduled exercise in my appointment book

✗ I did planned exercise

Today I give myself credit for:

Being able to shovel snow without injury!

☆ Eating 4 SBD-compliant meals and snacks.