Today’s workout: Failure. I got to the gym 45 mins before they closed…and found that I forgot my shoes. No time to go back and get them. Oh, well. I’ve gone 4 days without working out—bad. During that time, I’ve been working really hard on the food. Now that I’ve gotten over the hump of this weekend, I hope I’ll be able to turn my attention to working out again.

Today’s walk: To and from grocery store (1/2 mi total?)

Today’s task: Plan for Tomorrow

I’ve been doing this task for a while, but only about 1/2 way. What you’re supposed to do is write down exactly what you’re going to eat the next day, and exactly how much. I’m pretty good at that part.

Then, the next day, you’re supposed to eat exactly that. I’m not so good at that part.

I almost always follow the plan for my breakfast, morning snack, and even lunch. After that, all bets are off. Wine and Asian, Italian, or Mexican food are almost always involved.

Tomorrow is the first official “dieting” day of the BDS. It’s time for me to buckle down. This blog will keep me accountable. After getting through yesterday’s difficulties, I feel more confident that I have what it takes.

Tomorrow is also the first weigh-in, to get a starting weight for the first 5-pound goal. I’m already weighing daily, and writing the number on a calendar. The only problem is that I’ve been bouncing around within the same 10 pounds for 2 years now.

Dr. Beck calls deviating from your plan “spontaneous” eating, and right now it’s not allowed. Learning how to do some spontaneous eating without gaining weight will be tackled later. The amount of time that you have to do all this detailed planning varies with this individual, but it’s definitely a good idea to keep doing so while you’re working through the book. Right now, the idea of not having a written plan is a little scary!

Once I start sticking to my plan better, hopefully I’ll start going down. I made a plan last night, and today I’m going to stick to it 100%. You have my word!

Sabotaging thought: It’s OK to deviate from what I planned as long as I write it down.

Helpful response: If I really want to be slim and healthy, and gain all my advantages, IT’S NOT OK!

Sabotaging thought: It’s unnatural and unrealistic to treat food in this way. It makes me feel like a robot.

Helpful response: I need to learn how to plan foods that are good for me and my weight and then eat them. This is one way to do it. It has worked for other patients of Dr. Beck, so I may as well try it.

Today’s To-Do List:

✓ I read my Advantages list at least twice today.

✓ I made and read other Response Cards as needed.

✓ I ate slowly, sitting down, and noticing every bite: Most of the time

✓ I gave myself credit when engaged in helpful eating behaviors: Some of the time (need to get better at this)

✓ I did spontaneous exercise: Once

✗ I did planned exercise: No

✓ I tolerated hunger and craving rather than giving in.

✓ I wrote out a meal plan for tomorrow.

Today I give myself credit for:

☆ Keeping my blog for 14 days in a row.

☆ Buying the additional groceries I needed for the menu I planned, and walking there!

☆ Cooking 2 delicious meals that I had no problem enjoying and eating slowly. And they were both on Phase I of the South Beach Diet. (I didn’t enjoy breakfast. Something about my Greek-style eggs didn’t come out right, and I had to stop 1/2 way through.)