Today’s workout: 20 mins ET (going over 2 mi for the first time since injuring my knee last year); 40 mins weights/abs with my trainer

Today’s walk: None.

Today’s task: Monitor Your Eating

Here’s where it gets tough. Eat everything you wrote on your food plan. Period. Whenever you deviate, mark it down on the plan. I even use red ink to make it stand out even more.

I did deviate today, but I wrote in down in red over my original plan.

Over the weekend, I learned that my desires and cravings will go away. They don’t need to be acted upon. No matter how uncomfortable something is, the feeling will pass. We’ll see what happens when I have to deal with a really strong craving again.

The task of weighing myself is also familiar, because I’ve continued to weigh myself every day after doing the program before. Dr. Beck’s philosophy on daily weighing (but not more than once a day) is to desensitize yourself to the scale without making yourself obsessive.

Some of you out there who just bought the book may be asking, “Why is she going through the book more than once? Why did she fail the first time?”

Well, there are some people who go through the book once, become great dieters, and ride off into the sunset. That’s great! For me, I needed more time to overcome my sabotaging thoughts and core issues, and I’m giving myself the time I need to do it.

I’ll also say that it would benefit everybody to go through the book a 2nd and 3rd time. You will notice and learn different things every time. The Beck Diet Solution is a small but dense volume. There’s a lot of instruction on both dieting and CT in there, and I would venture to say that more than one pass is the rule, not the exception. Even Dr. Beck says to master every step, no matter how long it takes. This is how long it’s taking me.

Sabotaging thought: I don’t want to do this!

Helpful response: Even this is only a passing feeling. I’ve learned that feelings come and go, and the important thing is not to act upon the sabotaging ones. This is a skill I’m gradually gaining.

Today’s To-Do List:

✓ I read my Advantages list at least twice today.

✓ I made and read other Response Cards as needed.

✓ I ate slowly, sitting down, and noticing every bite: Most of the time.

✓ I gave myself credit for engaging in helpful eating behaviors: Most of the time.

✗ I did spontaneous exercise: Never

✓ I did planned exercise: Yes

✓ I monitored everything I ate right after I ate it.

✓ I wrote out a food plan for tomorrow

✓ I weighed myself and recorded my weight

Today I give myself credit for:

✫ Not drinking wine in front of the computer at night.

✫ Trying 2 new healthy recipes over the weekend.

✫ Cooking chicken in advance for my lunches this week.

✫ Working really hard during my session with my trainer.

✫ Resisting cravings and the desire to break my diet.

✫ Learning how to recognize sabotaging thoughts better.