Today’s workout: None

Today’s walk: None

Today’s task: Prevent Unplanned Eating

On Planet Beck, “unplanned eating” means anything that’s not on the plan you wrote out the night before. Even one bite!

Today’s Response Card is NO CHOICE. Dr. Beck suggests coming up with a list of simple diet rules that you can always follow. There’s one rule that everyone must follow, at least when dieting and first maintaining: No unplanned eating.

NO CHOICE is hard for me to accept. I like giving myself a choice and then making the right choice. It feels good! The theory behind NO CHOICE is to eliminate the “to eat or not to eat” struggle. Struggling creates tension, and there are 2 ways to eliminate the tension: giving in, or just making giving in out of the question. Eventually, following these rules will be automatic.

I’m still developing my personal rules, but I’ll share them when I’m done!

Today’s To-Do List:

✓ I read my Advantages List at least twice today.

✓ I made and read other Response Cards as needed.

✓ I ate slowly, sitting down and noticing every bite: Some of the time.

✓ I gave myself credit for engaging in helpful eating behaviors: Some of the time.

✗ I did spontaneous exercise.

✗ I did planned exercise.

✓ I wrote out a meal plan for tomorrow.

✓ I monitored everything I ate in writing.

✓ I made my NO CHOICE Response Card.

Today I give myself credit for:

☆ Making a doctor’s appointment due to a possible medical condition.

☆ Planning and monitoring my eating 4 days in a row.