BDS Resources

• MSNBC’s website has a 5-page excerpt of The Beck Diet Solution, with accompanying video. This is a great intro for someone trying to decide whether they want to read the book.

• Another good intro to the program is Newsweek’s interview with Dr. Beck.

Time to Get Serious. Psychology Today article from January, 2010.


Just for fun. I need some fun today. This is from 2007, around the time The Beck Diet Solution was first published.

• Dr. Beck has updated her blog today. She taped a segment for the Dr. Oz show where she works with a family whose mother pushes too much food on the kids. She uses techniques from the Beck Diet Solution, of course! I’ll let you know if I can find a link to the video.

• Pasta Queen has posted her report on Week 2 of the BDS. Interesting discussion in the comments on the possible links between cravings, weight, hormones, and chronic pain.

Just for fun, here’s a link to one of the articles that made me a believer in the BDS.

The author, Barbara Graham, is a writer who got to work directly with Dr. Beck…er, “Judy”… for a few weeks.

I like this article because Barbara does a great job describing the program and her own insights with a sense of humor. It’s also fun to see a little bit of what “Judy” is like in real life. Barbara also does a great job on the BDS exercises covered in the article, so she’s an inspiration!