• Dr. Beck has updated her blog today. She taped a segment for the Dr. Oz show where she works with a family whose mother pushes too much food on the kids. She uses techniques from the Beck Diet Solution, of course! I’ll let you know if I can find a link to the video.

• Pasta Queen has posted her report on Week 2 of the BDS. Interesting discussion in the comments on the possible links between cravings, weight, hormones, and chronic pain.


I met with my therapist today, who is one of my diet coaches. I didn’t do my blog entry the night before, as I usually do, and I was feeling out of sorts about it. Overwhelmed. Was I starting to fail? Would I be able to keep this up? What were my (few!) readers thinking when they didn’t see a new post first thing this morning?

She asked me what this blog means to me and what’s the importance of posting every single day. I told her about my dream of going all the way with the Beck Diet Solution—42 perfect days in a row; of joining the great blogging community; maybe even meeting Dr. Beck herself someday. And maybe, just maybe, helping someone else who’s struggling out there to go all the way, too.

My therapist reminded me that I’m doing this diet for myself, not for the sake of a blog. She wants me to go at my own pace, which means slowing down when I feel overwhelmed. Maybe take longer than a day on some of the “Days” in the Beck book.

She reminded me of a quote from an email that Dr. Beck sends to subscribers to her email newsletter. (Email if you want to subscribe. The newsletter has a lot of helpful info and success stories!)

…the most frequent mistake dieters make is focusing on changing what they eat before they have really mastered—and consistently use—the thinking and behavioral skills in the books … if you’re struggling, go back to the beginning of one of the books and master each step before you go to the next one, no matter how long it takes.

Right from the horse’s mouth! I need to keep my focus on mastering the skills at my own pace, for myself, not on being Ms. Perfect Blogger.

So, while I will continue to post every day, the posts will not always be, “Did today’s task, completed the checklist, yay me!”

I will write honestly about the struggles that come up. If I have to repeat a Day, I will. And I will walk at my own pace.

Sabotaging thought: “I don’t deserve to prepare yummy meals for myself. My enjoyment is not important. I should just eat what’s on my diet and deal with it.”

Helpful response: “WTF? I deserve the same things as every other human being!! And that includes being able to eat and enjoy food. I will be much more likely to stick to this diet for the rest of my life if I learn and prepare recipes that I love. It’s important. I’m important.”

Dr. Beck maintains a blog on, and there’s a new entry today!

I wish she updated her blog more often. When the first book was released, she wrote on her blog more often and linked to BDS bloggers, even visiting and commenting on their blogs. As far as I can tell, most of those original blogs fell by the wayside after a few months, and so Dr. Beck took down the links. It would be so much fun if Dr. Beck got more involved with us bloggers again!

In today’s entry, Dr. Beck talks about one of my favorite (and sometimes hated!) concepts: The resistance muscle. Every time you resist something that’s not on your diet plan, your ability to resist gets stronger. It works exactly like exercising a muscle!

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: Every time you give into a craving or go off your plan, you strengthen your giving-in muscle.

I have a giving-in muscle of Arnold Schwartzenegger-like proportions. And sometimes I get so mad at Dr. Beck for being right about this! But she is right.

Fortunately, she also says it’s OK to have a treat once in a while, even every night, as long as you plan to have it, and then eat only the planned amount. By doing what you planned to do, you’re still strengthening your resistance muscle.